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Dec 13- Jan 2


5 Class Virtu   

10 Class-Virtual 

20 Class- Virtual 

30 Class Pack -Virtual  

Core Fitness


Available Nov 26th- December 26th 

The more you pay, the *more value the card has!


You Pay $250 You Get $275 

You Pay $300 You Get $350

You Pay $500 You Get $600


NAW gift cards must be used for personal training and class packages.


*Restrictions apply ( NOTE: Gift cards can only be used towards an individual package.) Cards cannot be used toward monthly dues by current members. Cards MAY be used by a non-member to begin a membership.


For more information visit or email

Christmas Gift


Six Session-30/60 min

Twelve Sessions- 30/60 min 

Twenty-Four Session-30/60 min

Fit Girl


Join the NWA in a holiday challenge to maintain your current weight or lose weight this holiday season.


$10 sign-up; Free for Monthly Pass holders


How it works

1. Weigh-in now- November 30 and again, January 2-5th or fill out this form with your details

2. If you maintain or lose weight, you WIN!


3. A one-time fee of $10 per person; each week, you will receive the link to three 15 minute workouts designed to help you burn off any extra holiday treats; and 15-minute fitness consultation with Brandon to create a plan to meet your goals.


If you lose or maintain your weight, you will receive a $50 gift card for any personal training and class package as well as a special treat from Arbonne.


For more information, email

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